Norris Outdoor Adventure Policies 

  1. No Smoking allowed in Lake House or 15 ft from the property. An $800 cleaning fee will be charged for cleaning fee if smoking occurs inside the Lake House.
  2. Not glass allowed on outdoor property.
  3. Glass and Food and Garbage- not allowed on beach or surrounding lake area.
  4. Food only allowed in lake house and in designated picnic areas or patio.
  5. Pets- Under no circumstances are any pets or animals allowed on the property. Unauthorized occupancy of pets or animals will result in $500 fine and immediate eviction and loss of all rents and security payments.
  6. Pest/Insects/Animals- Many different pests/insects live and thrive in this rural region. No refund of any kind for pests/insects/animals. Should you experience a pest/insect/animal control issue, please contact guest services and communicate the issue.
  7. Fishing- catch and release fishing only. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and fined a minimum $500 and evicted immediately.
  8. No boats allowed on the property without authorized permission.
  9. Parking – parking only on gravel. No parking allowed on grass.
  10. No driving-around the lake except for authorized business golf carts and other vehicles.
  11. Only authorized guests with signed contracts allowed on the property during agreed upon times.
  12. Beach- no glass, metal, food or sharp objects allowed on the beach area.
  13. Lake Recreation – is entirely at guests own risk. No liability will be assumed for injury, death, property damage, or other liability from use of lake or lake recreation.
  14. Conduct- Lawful and orderly conduct is required at all times. Unlawful or disorderly conduct will result in immediate eviction.
  15. Security cameras- are used throughout the property to monitor the security of outdoor property and lake.
  16. Norris Outdoor Adventure staff may assist in property management during the event manning the water recreation stations of volcano, waterslide, hookah dock, and rope swing, for instructional purposes however all swimmers must swim at their own risk.

As authorized guest under this agreement I understand it is my full responsibility to assure all guests included in my party will be aware of and agree to the rules of the property and contractual terms. Any guests who do not agree to the terms of the contract or property rules will be considered unauthorized.

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